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Christmas with the family

This year we enjoyed another wonderful Christmas with family!!!

I can’t think of anything more cute then watching my niece Anna grow and learn right before our eyes. My sister, Becca, and her husband, Jacob, came down to visit for the holidays. Their little girl, Anna is 19 months and ADORABLE!!! It was so much fun watching her learn new words while they were here.


We had a lot if time to play and spend time together.  This was my first year, in 3 years, I was able to take time off around Christmas, and it was great!


Another wonderful holiday for the books! 🙂



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I have realized to great benefit of having your birthday fall in the middle of the week…. week long celebration! Lol

My birthday fell on a Tuesday this year. 

The weekend before my birthday I went out to see Magic Mike with Katrina. We had a ball!  I spent the whole day pampering myself … got my hair did lol aka highlights and a hair cut. Then Katrina and I went to Macados for some food and then to the movie.  My hubby had a man date with Katrina’s man James, so I didn’t feel so bad about having a girls night 🙂

Below is a pic of my new haircut 🙂


My new haircut

So then on Tuesday celebrated with my parents and hubby.  We cooked out and then had cake and presents!  I felt bad because I had not given them any hints for what I wanted.  They gave me some cute/ cheap things and then I opened their card last and found the REAL birthday present…. six months of Trash pickup service!!!! Now you may be scratching your head, but this was the BEST present!  This is because I have NEVER had trash pick up at my house in Botetourt in the 5 years I have lived here.  Normally have to take it to the dump on Saturday morning before 12. And that didn’t always happen… so it has been a REAL annoyance for me, but not any longer!
Then we got to celebrate one more time the weekend after. Wanda (my amazing mother-in-law) through me a huge cookout! Jonny told me that day that we were going to have a cookout with his family to celebrate … so I’m thinking 5-10 people… it was more like 50-60!!!! We had an amazing time! And I’m so glad I got to see so many of the extended family, it had been a while. 

So I guess the moral of the story is when your birthday falls on a weekday, celebrate it as many time you like!!!! 🙂

Don’t Miss Your Life????

Disclaimer:  I am a DINK, and my opinions are my current opinions and they very well could change in the future.

Why the Disclaimer?  Well I’m sure some of my opinions in this post may differ from other’s opinions, and I can only speculate on how I will feel in the future, when and if I have little ones of my own, but opinions are like “you know whats” and everyone has one! LOL 🙂


Lately I have been hearing this song called “Don’t Miss Your Life” by Phil Vassar on the radio ALL THE TIME, and every time I hear it I just CRINGE!  I honestly feel that this song represents the problem with the world today.  I’m not saying that this just started, I’m sure you have heard the song “Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin from 1974. So this new way of thinking started with some people in our parents generation, and then it was passed down to the kids who are now in their 30’s and 40’s and it is being passed on to the next generation.  Every generation is getting worse with this sense of entitlement is instilled in them.


I fully understand that parents want/need to be there for their child(ren).  But the problem is people are now using this “Don’t Miss Your Life” excuse for EVERYTHING!  I remember back in the 90’s I was in High School, and my parents owned a company that sold plans to tractors and backhoes.  They decided that they were going to try to hire a Virginia Tech graduate to inter during the summer, with the possibility of being hired on full time once he/she graduated.  I clearly remember that one of the guys told my parents in an interview that he “HAD” to have 2 months off each year, because he was an avid skier and wanted to spend 2 months each year skiing in Colorado.  WHAT?!?!?  You, sir, are a single, young, recent college grad, and you have these demands of unheard of time off… to SKI?!?!  This is the sense of entitlement that has ruined our country.  He didn’t want to Miss His Life, so he was willing to pass on a good paying job, which would definitely help with those student loans, just to ski! And he didn’t realize that if he put the time in now, over the years he would earn more money to enjoy that expensive hobby, and earn more time off, and THEN he could enjoy his passion.


So many people think that if you go to college, you should be able to walk out of there with this fancy piece of paper, and get a great paying job, and awesome benefits, tons of time off, and a cushy corner office.  Have you ever seen “The Devil Wears Prada”?  Well the real world is just like the first half of that movie, you get a college degree, and then you start out low on the totem pole, the gofer, the one that will give every waking second to your job.  And after you have proved yourself and your intelligence, then you can move up.  This takes time, and after you put in this hard work and tons of effort, you will be rewarded with time off, raises etc.  But in this day in age we expect instant gratification (can’t look something up at a library, you MUST have a smartphone and Google it… we don’t want to cook, too much time, just hit the drive thru) we do not want to start at the bottom and work our way up, we want to be on top, INSTANTLY!  Well, unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way.  You do not “Deserve” anything!!!  You only earn things in life!  People think that because they got a college education that they “deserve” a good paying job, with tons of time off…. don’t believe me, just go ask the OWS people, they want their amazing jobs, but they aren’t willing to put the work in.  Yes, you may have to work 60-70 hour weeks, while only being paid for 40, its called salary, get over it! But if you push hard, and prove your worth, you will be rewarded.  I know that I am young, and still have a long way to go.  I am still learning, and still pushing to be the best!  But I am a DINK, and with that, it gives me the freedom to push even harder.  Because I know once I have children, things will change, my life will change, and even my priorities will change.  So I have to push hard now!


Alas, I have gotten off topic.  So what about the ones who do have kids?  Should they quit their jobs, and all stay home 24/7 with their children?  So they can “watch them grow”?  Well that is what society tells us is the right thing to do. THIS IS CRAZY!!!  Just as the “Don’t Miss Your Life” song says, just skip your important business trip to be home for your daughter’s A Honor Roll celebration.  Well don’t worry about paying for the roof over their heads, or food in their bellies, or even your cell phone, because the government has a program where they will give all of that to you.  So don’t work, don’t try, just “watch them grow”.    How many of these people that give up so much in their careers to not “miss their life”, spend every second that they are home with their children?  Or do they come home, and claim they are tired, plop in front of the TV or Computer and just tell the kids to “go play in the other room”? Do they include their children in their hobbies?  Do they truly spend every waking second they are away from work interacting and teaching their children? hmmm…. I guess I’m so not sure, but I have this sneaking suspicion that they do not.   I remember my parents including me in everything, EVERYTHING was a learning experience.  The 30 minute drive to school and the 30 minute drive home, was just 1 hour a day that was spent learning. Then when we got home, the learning continued, cooking, cleaning, sewing, reloading bullets (how cool is that?), there were so many “projects” in our house throughout my childhood, I can’t even begin to name them all.  But I do remember that we spent a LOT of time together!


We may not always get all the time we want to spend with our family, but the important thing is, that we make the most of the time we have!  Because if you don’t, you will then have the subconscious need to attend every little “event” and sacrifice your money making abilities for the little things, when you really missed the big things and didn’t know it.  For example, I will NEVER forget driving home, and my dad and I pulling over and discussing the need for the wires coming down from the Telephone poles, and discussing Tension, I was in elementary school.  Now THAT was a big event, and I’m glad he didn’t miss it!  Money does not bring happiness, but you must have a balance in life between family and work, you cannot have it all one way.  And it is obvious that we have swung too far in one direction, and we need to balance this out.  Because if we don’t, then no one will be working, we will all stay home 24/7 to “watch our children grow”.  And when all the parents of the world are just spending their time “watching their children grow” then who will be paying the taxes that pay for that government housing they are living in, and the Assurance Wireless that gives them a free cell phone? Oh wait… no one.


It seems the children of our country are missing THEIR life because of the choices we have made, and the examples we have set.

Mobile Posts

Woooooooo hoooooooo …. I just download the WP app and can now add posts to my blog via my phone! 

I rarely use a desktop computer when I am not at work, everything is done on my phone, this constraint has put a damper on my blogging, but that is definitely going to change now.

Very Excited!!!!!


What is a DINK?  Dual Income No Kids.


I love reading my friends and family’s blogs about watching their families grow.  I absolutely crave to see new posts about my little niece Anna Allred.  She is so amazing, and it is wonderful to watch her grow up (especially because she is so far away).  I have been wanting/wishing to expand our little family since before Jonathan and I got married (10/15/11).


But I started thinking, why always think that you will be happy when “something else” happens in your life. Yes, it is important to have goals, but it is also important to enjoy the life you have right now.

I absolutely want children, and the sooner, the better! 🙂  Heck, I was the one in high school dreaming of my 6 kids lol 🙂  And dreaming is good, goals are important, but being happy in your day to day live is also very important.

So for these reasons, I am going to start blogging about the adventures of a DINK!

Hopefully, someday soon, my husband and I will no longer be DINKs, but no matter what life throws at us, I want to strive to be happy!!

More to come soon 🙂

Been Gone Too Long — Sorry

Ok, so I know that I haven’t blogged in  WHILE… I’m sorry!!!!   My sis has been bugging me and I have been lazy, and then today she revamped the look of my page.. and it’s AMAZING!!! So I just HAD to get on here and post something 🙂  Thanks Becca, YOU ROCK!!!

So what’s been going on in my life?  Well a ton!  As I wrote about earlier, I got a new job, I’m the Operations Development Manager for ACS DISH Network in Roanoke, Virginia.  They keep me pretty busy, but I LOVE it!!

4th of July

Since I started a new job, I don’t get any days off this year (except holidays) so I have had to plan all my “vacations” around holidays.  So for my July 4th three day weekend, Jonathan and I went to Jacksonville, NC to visit Natasha & Patrick and their daughter Justice.  It was a wonderful vacation, we did sooo much.  When we got there (around 11:30pm) Natasha & Patrick got a roaring bon fire going and we sat around and caught up till around 3 am.  Then we got up early (around 9) to head to the beach.  We got some grub on the way back, and then they had some friends over and we ordered the UFC fight.  It was great getting to meet so many nice people.  Then went to the beach AGAIN the next day, then went to a cook out at their friends’ (Louise & Keith Connor) cookout.  Then we left from there and got to see the 4th of July fireworks.  It was great!!


So I really would like to start working on my art again.  It’s been a long time.  I took art 1-4 in high school and was even the president of the Art Club my senior year.  My senior year I got to spend soooo much time on art!  The second semester I had Art 4 before lunch and I was an Art aide for the period after lunch, so usually I would just eat lunch in the back office and work on art for 2 1/2 hours every day, only every once in a while did have to “help” during my Art aide period.  It was a great time, I really wanted to take some art classes while at Virginia Tech, but they were all REALLY had to get into, most were closed off to anyone except art majors… boooooo. 

So why is the title of this section Etsy?  Well like I said I really want to start working on my art again and I thought after I paint a couple paintings I’m going to put them up for sale on and see what happens.  If they don’t sell, oh well, because I’m going to make ones that would fit good around our house anyway, but if they do, GREAT and I can make more to replenish the ones I make.  I am probably going out this weekend to get some supplies.  I have some great ideas, so after I make a couple I will definitely post some pics of them here for everyone to see.


Ok ok… I know that Skype has been around a while and plenty of people have been using it for a while now, but I’m new to the whole Skype thing.  When I first joined ACS I had to create my first Skype account for work, because we use it like an internal messaging service within the company and it is how we also communicate with our laptop techs (typing, not video chatting).  Well then Becca & Jacob were getting ready to move to Connecticut (Becca is going to YALE to get her PhD!!  SOOO PROUD) and she suggested that we get Skype to video chat with her.  I thought to myself, well this will be fun every once in a while.  I was sooooo wrong.  It’s SO AMAZING!!!  It’s hard not seeing my baby sis for long periods of time, and now I get to see her & Jacob’s face every couple days… I can’t describe how great it is!!!  I really suggest that if anyone has someone that means a lot to them, and they don’t live close by, GET SKYPE… it’s really great just getting to see her face while talking, it’s like she is right here, and when she is working on a sewing project or something, she can just hold it up and I can see it, instead of describing it to me, and me still having no clue what she is talking about.  LOL … so moral of the story, Skype = Awesome!!

I quit Dish Network and now work for Dish Network, sorta

I can’t believe that it had been almost 6 years at Dish Network in Christiansburg!!  I truly enjoyed my job at Dish almost the entire time I was there, but towards the end I realized that I could do more, make a bigger impact, and be recognized more for my efforts at a different company.   I quit on Monday 3/8/10 and started my new job with ACS as part of the Operations Management Team on Thursday 3/11/10.   ACS is the Regional Service Provider for Dish Network in this area.  They are a different company that has a contract with Dish to service this area with technicians that install and fix Dish Network service.  Its really great because I’m getting a unique opportunity to get to see all sides of this business, going from a call center, troubleshooting with customers, billing & account calls, setting up service calls and upgrades to now working in the office where we dispatch the technicians, plan out the schedule, deal with all of the equipment in the warehouse.  ITS AWESOME!!!  I love my new job!!!

Etsy = Amazing

OMG!!!!  I have found my new FAV website!…. I have been on there everyday since my sister introduced me to it.  Its sooo amazing!  I love everything on there, from the food to the housewares to … EVERYTHING lol!!!  I even set up my own account. My user name is MountainsOfVa… how cute is that? Its all encompassing, if i decide to sell food, its good, or coasters or etched glass spice jars, it works!!    Thanks Becca!!!

!!Check out fun games online!!

Valentines gift?!?!

Today I went out to the YMCA thrift store to try to get some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and for Jonathan’s birthday (2/18).  Its hard to try to find TWO gifts for the one you love in a matter of 4 days lol.  So I was meandering around the store and really didn’t see much and then I saw the main display and it had a HUGE display of china.  It said it was only $75 for the 68 piece set.  I started counting, its a 10 piece set, yeah its missing a couple small plates and bowls, but nothing was under 8 pieces 🙂

Its all packed up right now, so I just got out 2 pieces so the world can see my new AWESOME china.  When I get it all unpacked I will get a pic of a whole setting place 🙂

So got an new set of china, but still nothing for valentine’s day …. yet